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  1. All entries will be subject to the following:
    • Entries must be made on the prescribed forms.
    • The exhibitor or the exhibitor’s agent must sign all entry forms.
  2. No exhibit shall leave the hall before 4.30 p.m. Or until written permission is obtained from the secretary.
  3. Exhibitors are advised to have all entries with the secretary by Friday 26th July 2019. Entries will be accepted after that date including the morning of the show. Exhibits and entries will be accepted at the show venue at Grange Business Park on Friday 2nd Aug from 6pm – 10pm and Show Day 3rd Aug 2019 from 8.30a.m. – 10.00a.m.
  4. No member of the committee or steward being an exhibitor, under any circumstances, will be allowed to enter the ring when his/her exhibit is being judged.
  5. An exhibitor making an objection must lodge €10.00 with the secretary which, in the event of the objection not being sustained, will be forfeited to the society. Objections must be lodged before 6 p.m. on the day of the show.
  6. Reasonable care will be taken on all exhibits, but the committee will not be accountable for any loss or damage or injury that may occur to any exhibit, before or after the show.
  7. First prize-winning animals will be debarred from competing in other classes, except for cups or other special prizes.
  8. The committee reserves the right to cancel or alter classes.
  9. All Cups are perpetual and cannot be won outright, and remain the property of the North Sligo Agricultural Show Society, Grange.
  10. Only home produce to be exhibited.
  11. Pedigree exhibitors must have tattoos and papers.
  12. In the interest of safety, competent adults must lead livestock – Excluding young handler class
  13. Any infringement of the rules will lead to disqualification.
  14. Where an animal is deemed to be unmanageable or that the exhibitor has not sufficient control over it, the show committee has the right to exclude that animal from the judging area.
  15. It is recommended that exhibitors should carry their own public liability insurance.
  16. Confined classes shall mean exhibitors residing in County Sligo, Herd Number in County Sligo.
  18. Any class specifying North Sligo extends from Hughes Bridge Sligo to Bunduff Bridge.
  19. Exhibitors must be responsible for putting the exhibits into their proper class.
  20. It is the reserve function of the committee to appoint all judges.
  21. Straw or hay will not be allowed in the show field


TB: All animals must come from herds which are not restricted and have had a clear herd test within the previous twelve months.

No premovement test is required for TB however, it is recommended by the Department that a 60 day premovement test for TB should apply to all shows and sales.


  1. All animals must come from herds which are not restricted:
  2. All eligible animals (i.e. females ages 12 months and over and bulls aged 12 months and over) must be 30 days premovement tested for Brucellosis. However, these animals may move to any number of shows within the validity period of the same 30 day premovement test.

    However, female animals aged 18 months and over and bulls aged 12 months and over may only be sold once on foot of any 60 day pre-movement test.

 Trade Stands

Trade Stands must forward their certificate of insurance to the North Sligo Agricultural Show in advance of show day. Policy Holders should clearly name the North Sligo Agricultural Society and the Irish Shows Society on their public liability. Last date for acceptable trade stands to be in by friday 26th July 2019 Entry Fee & Copy of Insurance Certificate to be forwarded to Paul Burke, North Sligo Agricultural Show Society, Ardnaglass, Grange Co. Sligo. Contact: 086 8151384


Under Irish Law all horses moving from one location to another must be accompanied by their passports. It is in your own interest to ensure this is the case. Failure to do so is an offence under Irish Law and is liable on summary conviction to result in a fine up to €3000. All passports must be registered with the name of the current owner.


The Irish Shows Association would advise all Animal owners who have their animals Insured to have the Insurance cover extended to cover them while showing Animals at Shows, we understand that it costs very little or nothing at all depending on who you have Insurance cover with.

If you are one of the few who don’t have cover we would advise that you think about putting it in place for this purpose it may be well worthwhile.

The reason for us giving you this advise is to protect yourself in the event of your animal lashing out and injuring someone or damaging someone’s property, if that were to happen and it was established that your animal was out of your control you may be held responsible or partly responsible for injury or damage caused and may end up paying all or part of the settlement reached.